In case you are wondering how to write a 5 paragraph essay, well, this is among the most accessible articles to write as it comprises as little as only five paragraphs.

Things to Include in a 5 Paragraph Essay

Your professor always gives you a word count for an essay. If this is not the case, they assign you a specific number of pages to cover for a particular assignment. However, this time, things have taken a different turn as he or she has asked you to write a five-paragraph essay. You do not have to stress about this fact. The reason is that in this article, you become guided on how to write such a piece and the components to include in each of the five paragraphs as below:

Introduction Paragraph

The first out of the five items is the introduction paragraph. It is contained at the beginning of the essay and contains various elements. Firstly, this paragraph gives a brief explanation of what the entire 5 paragraph essay will tackle. It also has the opening sentence, which is the first sentence in this paragraph. It is designed to capture the attention of the reader hence needs to be as outstanding as possible. Mainly, it comprises a thesis statement that communicates on the exact message of the essay. It is the last sentence in this paragraph and is usually brief but precise.

Three-body Paragraphs

After the introduction paragraph, you need to include only three body paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should communicate with a different subject matter. However, the subject matter has to be related to the thesis statement and other sections as well. Transitional statements are advised to ensure the flow of these three paragraphs. Important to point out is that unlike the introduction paragraph, which comprises the opening sentence, these three paragraphs should contain a topic sentence. A topic sentence is the first sentence of each of these paragraphs that guides on what the section will tackle.

H2: Conclusion Paragraph

After the three body paragraphs, the next section is the conclusion paragraph. As the name suggests, this is the last paragraph of your 5 paragraph essay. It is hence located at the end of your article and is the easiest of all sections. The reason is that this paragraph is a summarization of the content of the four parts. It should reaffirm or restate the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction paragraph using distinct words. The summarizations need to be as brief as possible. Do not introduce any new idea in this conclusion paragraph of your five-page essay, as this will cost your grades.

H2: Conclusion

As mentioned initially, this is a 5 paragraph essay ranks among the most straightforward articles to write for both students and professional writers. All you have to do to ensure you write this essay correctly and within a short time is doing proper research and coming up with your essay outline.